Quero inventar o meu próprio pecado
Quero morrer do meu próprio veneno
Quero perder de vez tua cabeça
Minha cabeça perder teu juízo
Quero cheirar fumaça de óleo diesel
Me embriagar até que alguém me esqueça

Chico Buarque


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Trampled Underfoot || Led Zeppelin

  • The lyrics were based on Robert Johnson’s 1936 “Terraplane Blues.” A Terraplane is a classic car, and the song uses car parts as metaphors for sex: “pump your gas,” “rev all night,” etc.
  • This evolved out of a jam session. It became a concert favorite and a popular song on Rock radio. When Led Zeppelin played it live, they would often jam on it, extending it with guitar and keyboard solos.
  • Regarding the innovative guitar sound on this track, Jimmy Page told Guitar Player magazine: “It’s sort of backwards echo and wah-wah. I don’t know how responsible I was for new sounds because there were so many good things happening around that point, around the release of the first Zeppelin album, like Hendrix and Clapton.”
  • Led Zeppelin performed this at Carmen Plant’s 21st birthday party in 1989 with Jason Bonham on drums. Carmen is Robert’s daughter.
  • This is one of Robert Plant’s favorite Zeppelin songs. He sang it on his 1988 Now and Zen tour.



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